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Meredith + Matt Meyer 09.04.2010 teaser

Meredith and I met during Julie and Will’s wedding last year in July at Nantucket. Our friendship had turned into a relationship that brought me to one special day shared between Meredith and her amazing husband, Matt Meyers. We rode in limosines and Escalades to take photos at UW that brought back memories of where they first met as students over the summer. It was a day meant to be more than just a wedding day, but a marriage between two families. Congratulations again you two!

Special thanks to Maxine Toh for second shooting and John Taing and Stephen Giang for running another successful photo booth!

Linda + Adam Waterreus 08.14.2010 teaser

Google maps almost lead us astray, but fortunately my dad is in real estate and taught me how to read roads. Lucy and I found ourselves at the Keystone Beach House on Whidbey Island where we got to party to Bohemian Rhapsody and Iyaz – Replay with Linda and Adam. It was a beautiful wedding with family and friends gathering from all parts of the world to see these two donut loving people tie the knot. Special thanks to Lynn from Whidbey Gatherings for contacting me and making my first visit to Whidbey an amazing one. Cheers to Linda and Adam… and your mom’s lumpia!

Lytang + Soleil Kelley 08.01.2010 teaser

We laughed.
We cried.
There was singing.
There was dancing.
It was beautiful.

Felise + Benjamin Park 07.10.2010 teaser

You know that it’s going to be a great day when Seattle finally gives you clear skies and the reception is going to be on a boat.

This is how one of our initial conversations went:
F+B: “We are going to have the reception on a boat.”
KVW: “Awesome!”
F+B: “Yes, there’s going to be a boat. We also want to include the photo booth”

As Usher would say:

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh my gosh…”

Felise and Ben with their fun loving attitude, grace and radiance defined their wedding day (if not their marriage for years to come). I have never seen such a production where practically everyone was involved from the beginning to end. Volunteers helped set up and decorate the church, sang songs, served dinner, performed poetry and even cleaned up! To you guys, I hope to contribute towards that shared love. Congratulations again you two!

Sara + Tony Fabian 06.26.2010 teaser

Here we go again! Another teaser. This time it’s with Sara and Tony Fabian. Congratulations you two! There was so much to love about this wedding from the amazing family members, star wars / star trek surprises and the photo booth that had literally 20 people lined up waving light sabers at each other. Special thanks also to John Taing for second shooting. We caught up to the getaway car! Also a special thanks goes out to Billy and Maxine for running a successful photo booth. Now to figure out where to put the life sized cut out of Darth.

Jennifer + Byung Kim 06.19.2010 teaser

The first wedding of the season and it started off amazingly. Jennifer and Byung not only represent a beautiful couple in love, but also generous souls who donated $1,000 towards my friend, Billy’s, Haiti fundraiser. Their contributions helped raised over $16,000 for those impacted in the tragic event. It was an absolute pleasure and honor to photograph these two as we made our way through Bellevue Park to the Bellevue Club Hotel. The speeches you guys gave still get me.

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