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Melinda and Ryan’s Engagement

We were staying warm just around the corner of Belmont and Pine inside Stumptown Coffee. Melinda and Ryan were kind enough to meet with me to talk about themselves and how they found each other. I could already tell they had amazing chemistry just by how much they laughed and finished each other’s sentences. Something that helps me is understanding what kind of couple they are so that I can take photos of them in that way. Do they like candids? are they the outdoor type? One question I asked was, “how would your friends describe you two?” Their response? “We’re a unit. Always together.” Beautiful. Together, including their GORGEOUS chocolate lab, we took to the park in Greenlake and Elliot Bay Park.

Haiti fundraiser: Portraits of Tilden + family

Back in January, my dearest friend Billy Shih did something amazing for his birthday. He inspired friends, family members, and strangers to make a difference when Haiti was struck by a tragic force leaving the area in ruins. Billy stepped up and helped raise over $16,000 from over 100 individual in donations for Doctors without Borders. How did he do it? Well read below from an old family friend, Jamie Hsu:

I think this is a great story, because I remember how I was 10+ years ago, and I was not as selfless.

Back when Haiti experienced that devastating, Kevin Wong ( and some of his friends wanted to find a way to procure donations for relief efforts to Haiti. They started pimping themselves out to help people move or “whatever” in exchange for donations.

I have known Kevin all of his life as we grew up as family friends. And I know that Kevin is an extremely talented photographer.

So in exchange for a donation to Doctors Without Borders, Kevin agreed to take some family photos for us.

We went for the Fun Forest as the setting because of its impending closure.

Thank you Kevin for capturing these for us. Treasure!

Again friends, it’s He’s local and he’s available for you and your family.

***Edited to add: They raised over $15,000!

More to come!

Baby Layla now 4 months old

Aaaaand we’re back with Cori and Matt, except this time the focus was baby Layla Trahan. If you recall, it was only a few short months ago that I was taking photos of Layla in the form of a belly. She was so cooperative and calm for the majority of the session, which I think we were all grateful for, making the whole process a breeze. ;) We made it through three different outfits, with only one casualty by spit. Enjoy the monkeys and tutu!

Family time with Prarthana, Ed, Tarak and little Avi

Time certainly flies. It didn’t seem like too long ago that I was taking photos of Avi when he was a little peanut with tiny little toes. To my delight, it was a warm welcome back into their (new!) home back in December with the smell of homemade pancakes topped with homemade jam. It was a casual Saturday morning with the kids running around and the family gathering around the table to enjoy a little breakfast. Let me tell you this, if you dig pancakes, you will have to try the ones Ed makes. If there was a Facebook page for it, I’d be a fan already. Check out the photos from our morning together playing around the house and hanging out with the chickens. Yes, chickens!

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Julie + Will’s Nantucket Wedding, Friends

If you haven’t already checked out the photos from Zofia Photo, the talented Nantucket photographer who covered Julie and Will’s wedding, please do so after this post. Also, you can check out my rehearsal photos here.

With a wedding full of beautiful friends, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make them look good too! I haven’t seem these guys for some time now, but it was as if we saw each other just yesterday whilst we ran around taking photos throughout the day. My two favorite couples below are BreeAnna and Bobby as well as Lindsey and Scott. I had to keep a close eye on these two because they kept falling into a picture perfect setting. You might even think they did it on purpose ;)

KPMG’s J.Crew Couple of the Year
Reverend Nick Smith walks the walk
Lindsey + Scott (too hottie)

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Diana + Chandler’s Engagement Shoot at Olympic Sculpture Park

In the spirit of Diana and Chandler’s wedding coming up this Sunday, I wanted to share a few of their photos from an engagement session at the Olympic Sculpture Park. I’ve known these two since high school and it’s been an incredible 8+ years knowing them and seeing them grow together. Chandler for a large part of the time had been away serving for our country in Iraq, but their love continues to blossom even more now that he has returned.

My favorite is the one with the ampersand. Turns out they used it for the save the date cards! Anyways, hope you enjoy these and check back soon when I post up the photos from their wedding day!

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