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Haiti fundraiser: Portraits of Tilden + family

Back in January, my dearest friend Billy Shih did something amazing for his birthday. He inspired friends, family members, and strangers to make a difference when Haiti was struck by a tragic force leaving the area in ruins. Billy stepped up and helped raise over $16,000 from over 100 individual in donations for Doctors without Borders. How did he do it? Well read below from an old family friend, Jamie Hsu:

I think this is a great story, because I remember how I was 10+ years ago, and I was not as selfless.

Back when Haiti experienced that devastating, Kevin Wong ( and some of his friends wanted to find a way to procure donations for relief efforts to Haiti. They started pimping themselves out to help people move or “whatever” in exchange for donations.

I have known Kevin all of his life as we grew up as family friends. And I know that Kevin is an extremely talented photographer.

So in exchange for a donation to Doctors Without Borders, Kevin agreed to take some family photos for us.

We went for the Fun Forest as the setting because of its impending closure.

Thank you Kevin for capturing these for us. Treasure!

Again friends, it’s He’s local and he’s available for you and your family.

***Edited to add: They raised over $15,000!

More to come!

Tying the knot: Jennifer + Byung Kim

Doing great things together. Thank you.

I just wanted to put out a brief thank you. Your willingness to support Billy and his mission was a huge success. With over $16,000 in donations and over 100 people participating, Doctors Without Borders were given even more resources to help the survivors of Haiti.

Think about it. In just two week’s time, so much good has happened. The power of human compassion and the courage to try has changed the lives of thousands, if not, millions of others we don’t even know. However, we do know that these same people are in need of help and you were able to participate and be a part of something amazing. Thank you. Seriously.

I’m looking forward to the weddings and portraits in the next coming months. Keep an eye out for that here. I’m feeling inspired.



$2,450 and going strong. Special thanks to Haiti supporters!

Just a quick update about the support received the past couple of days for Billy’s Birthday Mission. He is just $520 and 28 people away from reaching his goal of $15,000 and 100 people participating. There is no way to express how amazing this has been for all of us. Thank you, thank you all for being such wonderful people!

I also wanted to thank everyone who has taken up my offer for 2 hour photography sessions, a wedding package and also to my couples who have been asking their friends and family members for donations. You’ve helped me beat my personal goal of $2,000 and I know that there is going to be more coming in before January 31st. Your contributions are deeply appreciated and I am so happy to be able to help you with photography.

Everything that we’ve done together in the past 14 days truly has made a difference. Not only are we helping Doctors Without Borders provide aid to survivors, but we are also creating awareness about issues greater than what we typically hear about day to day. Just telling others what we’re doing and letting them know anyone can help deserves a special thank you too. We hope this spirit will continue on.

I’ll leave you for now with one last message from Billy:

Do you have $18.57 to spare? If 28 people donate $18.57 my birthday mission will have reached my goals of 100 donors and $15,000! I’m sure you or someone you know wants to do some good and make a difference. Please help! 3 days left and we will have achieved two HUGE milestones.

If you’re on Facebook, you can follow my updates here too!

You made a difference. Let’s keep it going.

I’m writing this on a Sunday evening after being dominated in Settlers of Catan, over and over again. For those unfamiliar, it’s a new board game my friends and I have been obsessing over recently. While my spirits are down from 4 consecutive loses, I remembered that something amazing happened this past weekend: We nailed the $10,000 goal.

In seven days, Billy beat his original goal 10x greater than he originally planned. It is an incredible milestone that many of us are proud to have witnessed. There is still time and a new goal has been established. Instead of just focusing on donations, the focus now includes having more people like you to participate. By January 31st, we want to see 100 donors be a part of Billy’s Birthday Mission.

Every little bit counts and we still need your help. Help us reach out and find 100 donors. Help us reach out and earn $15,000 towards Haiti earthquake relief. I believe we can do this together. We can do this today. Let us know.

Another news update: I’m also happy to report that I am close to reaching my own personal goal of $2,000 by offering a couple wedding photography packages and five 2-hour sessions for donations of $1,000+ and $100+ respectively. With one wedding secured, and five sessions scheduled, I am currently at $1,800. Your generosity is inspiring and a blessing for those who have lost everything in Haiti. Please continue to share this story and let others know that they can also make a difference. A difference could mean making a donation, or simply creating awareness.

I still have one more free wedding photography package available to give away to a new engaged couple for 2010. Please contact me for more details if you’re interested or if you think I would be a good fit for someone you know who is getting married. I’d be more than happy to share my time to learn how we can help Haiti through photography. Let’s talk! =)

Unfortunately no further photo sessions can be scheduled at this time. However, if you are in need of photos taken, I encourage you to check out Style-ish photographers, Tiffany and Jared, who are also offering similar ways to help Haiti for their time and talents. Check out Style-ish Photography.

Finally, if you’re on Facebook, Twitter or you have an account with a website that includes a profile photo, use the photo above to share our story. It’s one of the easiest ways you make a difference. Thank you.

Kevin Wong

Closing in on $10,000 for Haiti!

I just wanted to give an update on the progress so far with fundraising. Within 24 hours, I received interest from friends and friends of friends who wanted to take me up on the photography deal (of the century!). I have a wonderful couple, Jennifer Kim and Byung Kim who agreed to donate $1,000 for the wedding photography package. Thank you guys so much for the donation. It has made a huge impact on our effort and we’re feeling even better about hitting the $10,000 goal.

One more free wedding photography package

If you’re a couple who was considering my $1,000 offer, you’re in luck! I’m going to extend the offer to one more couple. If you are planning your wedding for 2010 and still in need of a photographer, donate at least $1,000 to Doctors Without Borders and I will shoot your wedding for FREE!* The package includes:

  • Pre-wedding consultation
  • My time for as long as you need me as well as a second photographer
  • Online gallery for proofs, sharing and prints
  • Artistic treatment (skin and color enhancements, B&W, etc)
  • Engagement session (up to 2 hours)
  • Travel anywhere
  • *There will be some costs for expenses like album, prints, DVD of negatives and potential travel

Existing clients

For my existing clients, any donations that you make, or your wedding party makes by January 31st, I will lower your price dollar for dollar up to $1,000. Woohoo!

2 hour photography sessions still available

I still have 3 more spots open on the 2 hour photo session offer. I’m no longer limiting that to just the end of April, but through the end of 2010. So if you’re in need of summer portraits or you want me to photograph your puppy, let me know!

Everything counts, even $1

Finally, smaller donations are also welcome! Everyone that donates, even if it’s just $1 will get something. If you like any of my images, you can have them as wallpapers, or get enlargements at wholesale rate.

Thank you from our hearts

Special thank you to all those who have supported the cause and donated your hard earned money / time. We’re making a difference together and it’s inspiring to see the cooperation between different groups of people to help provide for survivors of the Haitian earthquake. Billy continues to work hard towards reaching the $10,000 goal and is deeply touched by all those who are willing to contribute even by spreading the word. So thank you again for even reading this. =)

Help spread the word!

If you blog, or you’re on Twitter, Facebook or any other social network, you can use this copy and paste friendly text to help us out:

My friend, Kevin, is doing a fundraiser for Haitian earthquake relief by offering his photography. Donate and he will help you with family portraits, weddings and more. He is helping his friend Billy reach his goal of $10,000. Learn more at Billy’s website: or learn more about Kevin at

My friend, Billy, is doing a fundraiser for Haitian earthquake relief by offering his free time. Donate and he will do something of equal value for you. He is close to reaching his goal of $10,000, please help him out. Learn more at his website:

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