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Haiti fundraiser: Portraits of Tilden + family

Back in January, my dearest friend Billy Shih did something amazing for his birthday. He inspired friends, family members, and strangers to make a difference when Haiti was struck by a tragic force leaving the area in ruins. Billy stepped up and helped raise over $16,000 from over 100 individual in donations for Doctors without Borders. How did he do it? Well read below from an old family friend, Jamie Hsu:

I think this is a great story, because I remember how I was 10+ years ago, and I was not as selfless.

Back when Haiti experienced that devastating, Kevin Wong ( and some of his friends wanted to find a way to procure donations for relief efforts to Haiti. They started pimping themselves out to help people move or “whatever” in exchange for donations.

I have known Kevin all of his life as we grew up as family friends. And I know that Kevin is an extremely talented photographer.

So in exchange for a donation to Doctors Without Borders, Kevin agreed to take some family photos for us.

We went for the Fun Forest as the setting because of its impending closure.

Thank you Kevin for capturing these for us. Treasure!

Again friends, it’s He’s local and he’s available for you and your family.

***Edited to add: They raised over $15,000!

More to come!

Happy 4th of July!

Best wishes to everyone out there. I hope you had a weekend filled with good times that will become better memories. Special thanks to all the Seattle businesses and community members who helped keep our tradition alive. The fireworks show at Gasworks Park was absolutely amazing. There’s no way any photograph right now could capture the experience from last night. The motion, the depth, the sounds and the colors were remarkable!

Julie + Will’s Nantucket Wedding, Rehearsal Time!

As a guest, I had the privilege to shoot some fun moments with friends. So today I bring you rehearsal photos from the wedding! Some friends and Will’s dad were kind enough to politely roast Will in front of the whole family and friends. Dad definitely took the cake, but luckily no one got hurt ;) No worries though since the couple are both stellar people who hardly make poor decisions. It was like saying a student studied too much.

More importantly, don’t forget to check out the photos from Zofia, the most amazing wedding photographer coming out of Nantucket. Her and Earl Christie really rocked the island and have incredible photos of everyone during the ceremony. It’s pretty much a J. Crew catalog ad.


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