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Fundraising for the 2011 Muscle Walk Northwest

Philanthro has been a great experience so far, but I also wanted to highlight another aspect of philanthropy that I am a part of. I recently joined as a member of the newly formed Muscular Dystrophy Association’s Young Professional Committee, or MDA YPC for short. Crazy acronyms rights? Well the short story is that this amazing national organization has started a new YPC to expand the influence MDA already has within the Washington state community. It’s an expansive network of people with an even more amazing history of support for families who need an extra helping hand.

The YPC’s first participating event is the 2011 Muscle Walk that is happening on Saturday, February 12th at Qwest Field. Our team’s goal is to fundraise $500, but I’m making $500 a personal goal of mine. I’ve already had two generous donations totaling to $150. With two weeks to go, I’m hoping you can help me get there soon. Contributions from $1 to $10 or more are all welcome. There’s never too little to give. If you can’t give, that’s okay! But please pass the word on.

All donations will receive a custom postcard just as a thank you. Donations over $50 will receive a 20×30 print enlargement. See what it looks like below.

Get me up to $500!

Hand crafted planner by one fine dae

It was nearing the holiday season and I wanted to give something a little special for Lucy on Christmas. I had the idea of finding her the perfect personalized planner. She always mentioned how there weren’t enough monthly planners in the world and since it was the start of a new year, it seemed to make the most sense. Luckily, instead of shopping around Target, Barnes and Noble, Papyrus, or some other craft store, I asked my dear friend Linda to help me make something.

With a few art directions on color, content and materials, Linda used her creative mastery to put together a beautiful spiral bound planner that to this day, remains empty. It’s so nice that Lucy isn’t quite ready to write in it. Check out the photos of Linda’s work, the artist behind one fine dae. Thanks again Linda!

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone had a great holiday season with loved ones close by. My family and I all wish you a happy holidays! Just like every holiday season, it’s mostly about the kids and watching my niece and nephew grow up more each year just means there are more chances to introduce them to more hobbies like art. As you can see below, I’m getting the kids started on photography (surprise!). Just look at his form. It’s perfect! Now if only the Lumix had a real viewfinders…

Amazing stop motion light stencil movie

This part of my website has always been heavy on the portfolio type of entries. I’ve shared many photos of brides, children and happy couples in love. Even though I have a “for fun” category, I just never seemed to put anything just for fun. Don’t get me wrong, I’m having tons of fun with photography. It just never came across my mind to share other “for fun” work others have done. This is where Nowhere Near Here comes into play. 300 hours in the cold and 200 stencils created this beautiful short:

It’s amazing and I love it!

Melinda and Ryan’s Engagement

We were staying warm just around the corner of Belmont and Pine inside Stumptown Coffee. Melinda and Ryan were kind enough to meet with me to talk about themselves and how they found each other. I could already tell they had amazing chemistry just by how much they laughed and finished each other’s sentences. Something that helps me is understanding what kind of couple they are so that I can take photos of them in that way. Do they like candids? are they the outdoor type? One question I asked was, “how would your friends describe you two?” Their response? “We’re a unit. Always together.” Beautiful. Together, including their GORGEOUS chocolate lab, we took to the park in Greenlake and Elliot Bay Park.

Tying the knot: Kimmy + Khang in LA and Westminister

A fantastic wedding in sunny Los Angeles and Westminister.

Second photographer: John Taing
Floral: Floral Elements
Ceremony: Cafe Pinot
Reception: Paracel Seafood Restaurant
Engagement photos: NYC adventure

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