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Boudoir at Hotel Max: Exploring beauty and lighting

It’s early morning and we were hanging out at Hotel Max in downtown Seattle. The sun was hitting the side of the building just right giving us a couple hours to use the natural lighting. My friend slash international super model, Jessica, was happy and willing to help out with this boudoir project. The collaboration was set up to show off a softer side of sexy and beauty – at least for my part. There were a few key themes that I wanted to deliver: softer / warmer lighting, relaxed nature, strong postures and some close up comps.

Taking on this project was an incredibly educational process and my main take aways were this: 1) sexy doesn’t have to be explicit, 2) women and all their being are beautiful, 3) oh, and my friends are pretty awesome. Thanks to Jessica and Billy for being a part of the learning process. If you have questions or are interested in having your portrait taken, please contact me by email: hello [at]

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If you made it this far, here’s a small image of the board I made that inspired the work above:

Nourish The Mind, Summer Photography Reading

While I’m a big advocate of digital and the convenience of doing as a means to learn, sometimes it just makes sense to read about it too. When I first started out with photography beyond the shiny green auto button, I did an absurd amount of reading. I felt compelled to read about other’s experiences using their equipment, knowing the ins and outs of the technical details and how changes in the numerous variables (aperture, shutter, metering, ambient light, temperature, etc) would impact the final image. And you know what? It helped a lot! It made the process of doing a lot more understandable because I was able to deduce why I wasn’t able to achieve the images I had envisioned.

There are millions of discussion threads out there that have answered your question a million times over. So what I’d like to do is just share some of those resources with you here in case you wanted to know more or get answers about photography. If you have questions and want my opinion, let me know! I’d be happy to share my thoughts as well. Check out the list after the jump!

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