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Tiffany Hall Designs saved Valentine’s Day

Handcrafted gifts are the best. Unfortunately, my hands are only good at typing and twisting the barrel of a lens. That’s why I enlisted the help of my friend, Tiffany Hall, to help me make the perfect gift for my Valentine this year. After some quick decisions, she was on her way in making a beautifully polished, black precious stone necklace that in my opinion, balanced elegance and class. You could wear it with jeans, or with a dress, which was why it was such a savior. The necklace completed Lucy’s little black dress right before we went to dinner. Thanks Tiffany! Check out her other work at Tiffany Hall Designs.

Preview of Liz stepping into the deep end at Time Square, NYC

We walked where few have dared to walk. Check back soon to see where else we went.

On set with Ping crew, a preview of the video shoot

Last week I got to hang out with a wicked crew composed of talented people in modeling, fashion, film and advertising. We got together to help out with the Ping project, a concept garment, designed to help the rest of us imagine a future where wearable technology can be beautiful hot and functional. The video shoot was done to create a motion piece to communicate what that future might look like. Here are some on set photos showing some of the process behind the scene.

Fashion Photos: Graphic T-shirts and hoodies by Deborah Yen

I’m blessed to be surrounded by talented individuals who, by their willingness to try, inspire others around them. An old friend (BFFE), Deborah Yen, crafted a series of graphic T-shirts and hoodies that can be worn by adults and children for any casual occasion. We wanted to showcase her design by gathering friends together to make a little fashion shoot out of it. The results of this project was not only educational, but also just fun to do. We were all involved in some way from cutting out paper masks, moving tables to being there for morale support. It was a process that you could walk away feeling proud and accomplished. If you’re interested in the designs, give Deborah a holler!

Photos from the shoot:

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