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Peyton turns one!

Buttery frosting, lots of laughing and a happy family can only mean one thing, Peyton turns one! Thank you Kimmie and Gloria for inviting me to such a happy event. =)

Fun bokeh shapes

Two years ago, before any of this “business” stuff started, my friends and I gathered to take photos of random things. You name it, flowers, clouds, windows, puddles and kittens. On one of those ocassions, Linda showed us how we could have fun with changing the shape of bokeh. Bokeh is a Japanese term that describes the “blurred background” effect you commonly find in SLR cameras. Using a modified hood, you can shape points of light to whatever you want! Flash forward to this past weekend, we all got together to try it out ourselves as part of a reunion.

Well, sort of.

You see, it rained once sunset hit Gasworks, which caused us to retreat to Shultzy’s for a little happy hour. BUT! I did manage to sneak a couple shots for you just because I liked my cut out of….


From New York City to Seattle, we trashed Liz’s dress into ashes

It has only been a week since returning from NYC where I experienced one of the most ridiculous photography events in my young career. Liz Truong and I walked through a sea of people in one of the busiest cities in the world taking photos of her in her wedding dress. “Trashing the dress” was planned to be our hallmark event during our grand plan to travel throughout the states in 2010. Months later, we found ourselves on the red eye 2408 miles away from home to jump from landmark to landmark catching congratulations, hoots, hollers and fixed eyes along the way. In the end, we returned home to Golden Gardens to conclude the series with a little fire. Liz, thank you for allowing me to photograph this extraordinary spectacle.

And of course, special thanks to my dear friend John Taing for second shooting and running around with us all around town.

If you like these photos, check me out on Facebook for more updates. The summer is going to be busy and full of new adventures. =) [Link]

Preview of Liz stepping into the deep end at Time Square, NYC

We walked where few have dared to walk. Check back soon to see where else we went.

On set with Ping crew, a preview of the video shoot

Last week I got to hang out with a wicked crew composed of talented people in modeling, fashion, film and advertising. We got together to help out with the Ping project, a concept garment, designed to help the rest of us imagine a future where wearable technology can be beautiful hot and functional. The video shoot was done to create a motion piece to communicate what that future might look like. Here are some on set photos showing some of the process behind the scene.

Jennifer and Byung’s Engagement

Engaged. Happy. Lovely. Check out these two, Jennifer and Byung, with a small cameo from Rocco, your friendly neighborhood chihuahua.

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