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Boudoir at Hotel Max: Exploring beauty and lighting

It’s early morning and we were hanging out at Hotel Max in downtown Seattle. The sun was hitting the side of the building just right giving us a couple hours to use the natural lighting. My friend slash international super model, Jessica, was happy and willing to help out with this boudoir project. The collaboration was set up to show off a softer side of sexy and beauty – at least for my part. There were a few key themes that I wanted to deliver: softer / warmer lighting, relaxed nature, strong postures and some close up comps.

Taking on this project was an incredibly educational process and my main take aways were this: 1) sexy doesn’t have to be explicit, 2) women and all their being are beautiful, 3) oh, and my friends are pretty awesome. Thanks to Jessica and Billy for being a part of the learning process. If you have questions or are interested in having your portrait taken, please contact me by email: hello [at]

Please be respectful and don’t copy, reuse or alter these images. Thanks.

If you made it this far, here’s a small image of the board I made that inspired the work above:

Fashion Photos: Graphic T-shirts and hoodies by Deborah Yen

I’m blessed to be surrounded by talented individuals who, by their willingness to try, inspire others around them. An old friend (BFFE), Deborah Yen, crafted a series of graphic T-shirts and hoodies that can be worn by adults and children for any casual occasion. We wanted to showcase her design by gathering friends together to make a little fashion shoot out of it. The results of this project was not only educational, but also just fun to do. We were all involved in some way from cutting out paper masks, moving tables to being there for morale support. It was a process that you could walk away feeling proud and accomplished. If you’re interested in the designs, give Deborah a holler!

Photos from the shoot:

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Family time with Prarthana, Ed, Tarak and little Avi

Time certainly flies. It didn’t seem like too long ago that I was taking photos of Avi when he was a little peanut with tiny little toes. To my delight, it was a warm welcome back into their (new!) home back in December with the smell of homemade pancakes topped with homemade jam. It was a casual Saturday morning with the kids running around and the family gathering around the table to enjoy a little breakfast. Let me tell you this, if you dig pancakes, you will have to try the ones Ed makes. If there was a Facebook page for it, I’d be a fan already. Check out the photos from our morning together playing around the house and hanging out with the chickens. Yes, chickens!

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From boudoir to fashion and family portraits, a preview of new images to come

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any images here. With the Haiti fundraising and the amount of planning to organize the sessions and weddings for the next several months, there has been little time to share. An apology is in order. Sorry =(

It comes with great pleasure that you will soon see some of the work that has been going on lately. It has been a busy couple of months. There has been some explorations with new equipment, different scenarios and artistic treatment. All of which, I have my friends to thank for being wonderful people who let me photograph them. You are my clients, my partners and also my inspiration.

Doing great things together. Thank you.

I just wanted to put out a brief thank you. Your willingness to support Billy and his mission was a huge success. With over $16,000 in donations and over 100 people participating, Doctors Without Borders were given even more resources to help the survivors of Haiti.

Think about it. In just two week’s time, so much good has happened. The power of human compassion and the courage to try has changed the lives of thousands, if not, millions of others we don’t even know. However, we do know that these same people are in need of help and you were able to participate and be a part of something amazing. Thank you. Seriously.

I’m looking forward to the weddings and portraits in the next coming months. Keep an eye out for that here. I’m feeling inspired.



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