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Cori (Mostly) & Matt’s Maternity Session

Laughter. Smiles. Funny faces. Oh, and not to mention monkeys! (I’ll save everyone from any banana jokes, promise!) Cori and Matt invited me to take photos with only weeks counting down. We quickly got settled in and made our rounds in a few of the rooms including the nursery, bedroom and what I like to classify as Matt’s man cave. By the time we wrapped up all the indoor photos, we only had about 30 minutes left before sunset! So we made haste over the Alki and parked at the nearest spot by the beach.

The protocol was simple, “walk that way and just enjoy the sunset.” Playing paparazzi, the candid moments just fell into place. Actually, I think they were posing, but they were so natural at it, you couldn’t even tell! The two were even open to walking into the water with me. Mind you, Seattle water isn’t the warmest of waters to dip your toe into. All said and done, I think we beat the clock and made the best of our time together. Enjoy!

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Amy + Jason’s Wedding Photo Booth!

Gallery and Password [Updated!]
Here’s the link to the gallery: Photo booth gallery [Link]. See all the photos and order prints.

The password is the name of the place where Amy and Jason are living. Here’s a hint, it starts with an “H” and it’s also the place where Jason proposed to Amy. If you can’t guess it, please email me at kevin [at] kvwphoto [dot] com.

The awesome couple framed!


Whew! We did it!
I’m writing this right now with a big smile on my face. After returning from the brand spanking new Grand Ballroom in the Bellevue Hyatt, I am eagerly preparing to get the photos up online for everyone to see. Amy and Jason’s wedding was marvelous on so many levels. From the beginning when I first talked to them about being a part of the evening’s activities to the last dance of the night, it felt like an amazing experience.

I’ll be writing a full post on the entire set up as well as provide some of the things that I learned along the way (the hard way). I believe you will be able to run your own photo booth with kick butt printing and live previews for scrap booking.

Amy & Jason’s Love Story by Shih Films
This is the love story montage that was presented during the reception along with the SDE by Ambient Sky Studios. There were a lot of laughs and smiles during the viewing so I’m happy to share this on behalf Billy. Check it out!

Big Thanks!
One last bit, I wanted to give a big shout to John Taing for being the rock star assistant and all around awesome friend. Big shout to Billy Shih for producing and editing a stellar Love Story video (I’ll post it here too) who was also kind enough to bring additional supplies that I neglected to remember to the stage. Finally, Yaddi Ty, for helping me make one of the hottest props used in the booth, our homemade picture frame with velcro signs! Here’s a photo of the boys:

photobooth_kvwphoto (1 of 1)

And of course, I have to share a couple of the photos from all the festivities. ;)

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Diana + Chandler’s Seattle Wedding

It comes with great joy to share a few photos from Diana and Chandler’s beautiful wedding on July 12th, 2009. This was a collaboration with friends: Billy Shih, John Taing and Linda Pham. Together as BJLK (guess who the K is…), we worked together to capture Diana and Chandler’s special occasion. The wedding took place at the wonderful Edgewater off of pier #67. On a side note, this is the same venue where my sister got married too, so I have another reason to love this place!

One of the best things about this wedding was how friends and family participated in the entire process. From planning, getting ready and providing the beautiful floral and gift arrangements, the final result was an event crafted out of love for these two. We all got to put a little bit of ourselves into these two and we’re all so happy to see them together.

Without further delay, I present snippets from Diana and Chandler’s wedding!



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