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Nourish The Mind, Summer Photography Reading

While I’m a big advocate of digital and the convenience of doing as a means to learn, sometimes it just makes sense to read about it too. When I first started out with photography beyond the shiny green auto button, I did an absurd amount of reading. I felt compelled to read about other’s experiences using their equipment, knowing the ins and outs of the technical details and how changes in the numerous variables (aperture, shutter, metering, ambient light, temperature, etc) would impact the final image. And you know what? It helped a lot! It made the process of doing a lot more understandable because I was able to deduce why I wasn’t able to achieve the images I had envisioned.

There are millions of discussion threads out there that have answered your question a million times over. So what I’d like to do is just share some of those resources with you here in case you wanted to know more or get answers about photography. If you have questions and want my opinion, let me know! I’d be happy to share my thoughts as well. Check out the list after the jump!

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Julie + Will’s Nantucket Wedding, Friends

If you haven’t already checked out the photos from Zofia Photo, the talented Nantucket photographer who covered Julie and Will’s wedding, please do so after this post. Also, you can check out my rehearsal photos here.

With a wedding full of beautiful friends, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make them look good too! I haven’t seem these guys for some time now, but it was as if we saw each other just yesterday whilst we ran around taking photos throughout the day. My two favorite couples below are BreeAnna and Bobby as well as Lindsey and Scott. I had to keep a close eye on these two because they kept falling into a picture perfect setting. You might even think they did it on purpose ;)

KPMG’s J.Crew Couple of the Year
Reverend Nick Smith walks the walk
Lindsey + Scott (too hottie)

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Julie + Will’s Nantucket Wedding, Rehearsal Time!

As a guest, I had the privilege to shoot some fun moments with friends. So today I bring you rehearsal photos from the wedding! Some friends and Will’s dad were kind enough to politely roast Will in front of the whole family and friends. Dad definitely took the cake, but luckily no one got hurt ;) No worries though since the couple are both stellar people who hardly make poor decisions. It was like saying a student studied too much.

More importantly, don’t forget to check out the photos from Zofia, the most amazing wedding photographer coming out of Nantucket. Her and Earl Christie really rocked the island and have incredible photos of everyone during the ceremony. It’s pretty much a J. Crew catalog ad.


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Diana + Chandler’s Engagement Shoot at Olympic Sculpture Park

In the spirit of Diana and Chandler’s wedding coming up this Sunday, I wanted to share a few of their photos from an engagement session at the Olympic Sculpture Park. I’ve known these two since high school and it’s been an incredible 8+ years knowing them and seeing them grow together. Chandler for a large part of the time had been away serving for our country in Iraq, but their love continues to blossom even more now that he has returned.

My favorite is the one with the ampersand. Turns out they used it for the save the date cards! Anyways, hope you enjoy these and check back soon when I post up the photos from their wedding day!

Tiffany + Jared Are Style-ish on Eastlake, Washington

This has been a post that has been something I’ve put off for many months now. Now that I have things working on my end, I’d like to share a little story to you now.

Shortly after Tiffany and Jared got married in Jamaica, Billy and I spent the afternoon with them around Eastlake taking photos and shoot video of the two for a compilation video Billy was producing/editing. We ran all over town shooting in different locations. Eastlake has a lot to offer, from really cool urban corridors to sweet exposed brick walls. We worked it with the Style-ish couple all the way through sunset. Being photographers themselves, they knew how to work it and made our job even easier. Nothing but thanks to you two! Below is the video Billy created:

We also had the pleasure of shooting Macho and Savvy, their two dogs. These guys were so well behaved and photogenic that it only took one shot to get it right. Check out the album below!

All Things Brand New but with Same Old Love

Hey! I just wanted to make a quick post and say welcome to the new website! There’s still a lot cookin’ in the oven at the moment, but I promise it will be worth it. Aside from the new official website and layout, a lot of changes are going on business wise.

Business cards are currently in development. Some people are voting here: Please feel free to give your opinions about what you think would be the most compelling for you.

I’m excited to say that I just returned from an amazing wedding in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. Jennifer and Mark welcomed me into their beautiful world. I can’t share those photos with you since I was not the hired photographer, but hopefully my time will come to photograph an amazing location again!


The fun doesn’t stop there! Diana and Chandler’s wedding is just this Sunday at the Edgewater Hotel in Seattle! Along with my buddies, Billy, John and Linda (BJLK), we will be shooting video and photos for the happy couple.

Then there’s Nantucket, Mass on the 18th with another beautiful couple, Julie and Will. I won’t be the photographer for that one, but that just means I can have a little more fun whilst taking photos on the dance floor. ;)

A lot to look forward to in July! Check back shortly. There are going to be a lot of updates coming soon!

Thanks everyone for the support and encouragement. Love you all. Kevin

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